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Top New Features of Split System Air Conditioning Units

If you are in the market for a new split system air conditioner, there is more than just heating and cooling to consider. Let’s take a look at some of the extra features that are now available.


Dirt and dust are the two of the biggest enemies of air conditioners as they slow down the machine and fail to heat or cool the room. Some new split system air conditioning units now come with a Dual Barrier Coating on the heat exchanger and facial surfaces that reduce dust and greasy dirt from adhering to it.


Delivering clean, fresh, and healthy air is a priority. The new Mitsubishi AS90 uses a built-in Anti-Allergy Enzyme Filter which works to trap allergens such as mould and bacteria by using enzymes to decompose them, giving you extra peace of mind.


Not only does the new Mitsubishi MSZ-AS90 have long and wide airflow options, but also Powerful Mode, ensuring far-reaching coverage to every corner of the room, an important feature to look for in large open living and working spaces.


This innovative technology connects the Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner to the user’s smartphone, tablet or online account, giving you the freedom to fully control each unit on the go via an internet connection, perfect for when you want your room at the ideal temperature when you arrive home.


Night mode is a selectable function via the remote control that is designed to increase comfort at night. This is achieved by reducing the LED brightness on the indoor unit, disabling the alert beeps, and reducing the outdoor units operational noise level.


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