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Tips to Reduce Your Summer Air Conditioning Bill

90% of Australians surveyed by Mitsubishi Electric about their concerns about the rising cost of living, expressed concern about rising energy prices. How do you go about choosing energy-efficient appliances? What actions can you take this summer to cut back on the energy use of your air conditioner?

The air conditioner is one of the more often utilised items in the home during the summer months. There are ways to conserve energy and lessen the strain on your air conditioner. Here are some ideas to help you use less power during the summer heat...

  1. Most people find 22°C or 23°C to be a comfortable room temperature, thus this is the range at which the air conditioner should be set. Power usage can be decreased by setting the room at 24 to 25 °C, but it is up to the individual if they find a slightly warmer set temperature to be pleasant.

  2. Close doors to unused rooms to reduce the load on the air conditioner.

  3. Cover the windows at all times. Closing blinds and curtains, especially if your home has windows that face west, can help keep a large portion of the sweltering summer heat outside.

  4. The most vital maintenance you can perform on your air conditioner is filter cleaning. To maintain an air conditioner operating effectively when it is used regularly, the filters should be cleaned every two weeks.

  5. When turning on the air conditioner before you arrive home or checking to see if you switched it off after you leave, Wi-Fi Control with remote access for air conditioners is great. Did you know that 23% of individuals confess to unintentionally turning on the air conditioner when no one is home?

  6. Switch providers to keep your energy costs competitive. Looking for an energy-efficient split system air conditioner this summer? Consider the MSZ-AP25, ZERL rated between 5.0 – 5.5 stars.

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