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How to Clean Your Air Conditioning Unit

Regularly following these cleaning steps could help you save a lot of money in the long term and ensure that your air conditioning unit operates efficiently all year. Here are 6 steps to keep your unit clean and running efficiently:

1. Turn off the power

Any electronic device, including an air conditioner, should have its power supply unplugged before cleaning.

2. Replace and/or clean filters

Cleaning your air conditioner's filters is the simplest but most important step. We recommend removing and buying new filters if you notice any signs of damage. To ensure good airflow, filters should be cleaned or replaced twice annually because of the dust and hair that can clog them up.

3. Clean the condenser coils

When cleaning the condenser coils, great care must be taken to not damage the wirings. We recommend a very soft brush for the best results. The coils are very delicate and so they can be damaged very easily.

4. Check the condenser

The cooling mechanism of your air conditioner depends on your condenser, therefore it's critical that you remove any leaves, clutter, or garden weeds that have made their way inside. If there is a drain at the bottom, check nothing is clogging the hole.

5. Inspect the refrigerant lines

It's time to replace your refrigerant line's foam insulation if it has been damaged. In order to maintain the level of efficiency your cooling system offers, we advise to replace the entire piece.

6. Test how it runs

Before restoring the power supply and activating the power to the condenser, switch the thermostat to the off setting. Adjust the cooling mode you normally keep the AC at using the thermostat and activate the cooling system. You will notice a much better cooling experience if you have done everything right.

If you don't feel confident to follow these steps or are restricted for time, please contact Air Conditioning Queensland and we can arrange to clean and maintain your unit for you.


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